Until a big stroke happens [installation view], 2013
Forky Trail screening view, (Performance at CSLAB on 24 November, 2012, Japan)
Painters who rode to the Xe Thuong Binh (in Hanoi 25 October, 2012)

TALKING ABOUT (…art and japan and high school and locality and 3.11 with Hiroaki Miyayama at matsudo high school on 16 March 2012.) material:HDV 9:00min

I made this video for the group exhibition by graduates of Matsudo high school art course. His name is Hiroaki Miyayama. He is an art teacher and also an artist. Actually, I was his student 5 years ago. After thinking about “what I can do in this school”, I decided to talk to him.
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U.O  material:HDV 2:50min, 2011

Created together with Akira Kuroki.

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